Our Planning and Scheduling Service offers our Clients an efficient focused, professional service at great value. We work all scheduling packages including:

  • Primavera P6
  • Asta PowerProject
  • MS Project

High Level / Strategic Scheduling

We are able to provide high level and strategic schedules.

This will often be simple, clear and  tailored to your business strategy.

Schedule Integration

Our schedule integration services can enable the consolidation and integration of multiple schedules.

Tender Schedules

We are able to offer a fast turnaround tender scheduling service to support your tendering activities in order to establish a robust contractor baseline schedule.

Design Schedules

Our design scheduling Service captures the key steps in your design process at the appropriate level required for successful design management and delivery.

Construction Schedules

Our construction scheduling Service offers robust schedules integrated with the contract requirements. This may be supported by accurate progress updates as required.

Operation and Maintenance Schedules

Our schedules can be used to plan operations and track when scheduled maintenance is due.

Mitigation Planning and Recovery Schedules

If things aren’t going to plan our mitigation planning and recovery schedule service can support you in getting back on track.

Through the investigation of alternative mitigation or recovery options we are able to recommend how to get back on track.

Schedule Analysis and Due Diligence




If you need a sanity check or a peer review of a prepared schedule our Schedule Analysis and Due Diligence reviews can offer either piece of mind or identify potential improvements to your project. Should it be required, schedules may be bench-marked against industry performance.

4D Construction Planning

As a value add, when partnered with the design information, we are able to support the establishment of 4D Construction planning visualisations to communicate how your project will be delivered.

Workshops and Facilitation

Our schedule workshops and facilitation are an effective way to build team ‘buy-in’ to any plan and obtain inputs from project teams.